GitHub - jordanreger/crate at legacy

Crate was a project that I worked on for about 2 years. It started as a very simple web server (as they all do), and it progressed into a tool to create native apps via Deno. It then returned to a web server after I realized that creating native apps via Deno was a bit tough. Life got in the way, and I realized that as the Deno ecosystem got bigger and better, there was really no reason to make just another web server. There's tons of better ones... Fresh, Ultra, Aleph, you name it. In fact, they’re so good I encourage you to go test them out, at the very least. You’ll learn a ton. For now, however, Crate is on hold. I have an idea I’d love to implement, but I don’t have the time at the moment. I encourage you to watch for updates on my blog for more news, but for now, Crate is signing off.